2006-2007 The Rotary Club of Kyoto South Basic Policies
2006-2007 President
Nobuyuki Nishimura
Theme "Service at Reformation"
Sub Theme 'Attractive and Enjoyable Rotary Club Beyond Century'

This year, Rotary International starts the 102nd year beyond the history of a century.
During this century, our predecessors made great contributions to the world by practicing wonderful service, and have built up firm tradition.
As Paul Harris says, " " Rotary International has came to seek for new leadership toward a new century.
Rotary International has requested new structure of leadership under the name of "Club Leadershp Plan(CLP)" (CLP hereafter). This program had been examined by "RI Development Training Committee" for several years, and its outline had been developed during 2002 and 2003. The R.I. Board of Directors approved this CLP as an effective club management mechanism in November 2004, and they recommended this plan to Rotary Clubs in all parts of the world.
In District 2650, after the briefing for CLP was held in August 2005, we have come to introduce this system.
This year, in our Rotary Club, after a careful discussion for the CLP introduction for the first time in the district, we decided to irregularly start the program at a preparatory stage. In December 2005, the revisions such as "Committee Mechanism" and "Detailed Rules" for the CLP introduction were adopted and it marked a start of real CLP in 2006 - 2007.

I was unexpectedly appointed to President of Rotary Club of Kyoto South, which enjoys marvelous tradition and status, in 2006〜2007, the turning point of this reformation.
Under the theme "Lead The Way" of 2006 - 2007 Rotary International President William B. Boyd, and with the help of directors and members, I would like to do my very best to practice "Service at Reformation".
Mr. Boyd advocates in his policy announcement, "The Rotary is a leader in the earth village", and he emphasizes, "Everybody should play a leading role in his/her district or region, demonstrating generous sympathy and sincerity, taking an initiative as a good example".
This year, our club is eager to deepen our relationship with RI and District, willingly promoting CLP,
ready to put "Club Strengthening" in practice through the"Framework of Effective Management" and flexible "Service at Reformation" into practice, and by so doing, we intend to carry out our continuous service activities which our region desires.
Moreover, we believe that it is also effective that we cooperate with other organizations in our region when we carry out our service programs. At the same time, it is indispensable that we promote our public relations activities so that our local society fully understands what Rotary Club is actually doing.

2006 --2007 2650 District Governor Yoshihisa Hirai's theme
"Bonds" -Let us Share Sensation of Service

Emphasized matters in 2006 - 07
1. Improvement of literacy rate 2. Water maintenance 3. health and hunger banishment 4. Rotary family
*Member reinforcement and secession prevention ( a must )

It is said that everyone is invisibly connected somewhere, which can be called "Bonds".
We human beings "Learn with words", "Think with words", and "Express with words". It is important that we build a society in which we can enjoy "Bonds" by communicating with each other fully.
I do hope that we can "Share sensation of Service" under the ideal of Rotary, Service Above Self, by maintaining the integrity of "Water" borrowed from nature so that we can establish environment where all human beings can enjoy "Safe Water", and by improving food, health, and welfare.

Operating policy Practice of "Service at Reformation"
This year, our mottos should be "Merrily", "Delightfully", "Vigorously". All members should unite as one, making much of our tradition and making a new one, and we would like to carry out our service activities with other organizations of our community.
The starting point of a Rotarian volunteer work starts from attending regular meetings. In a word, I am firmly convinced that the first step of "Friendship" which is said to be energies of the rotary is the attendance of regular meeting every week, and that it consequently leads to "Service Above Self".
Rotarians are well-balanced chosen from our community.(1 person in 1 classification: Presently Limited persons 1 classification) Our "Regular meeting attendance" is the very thing that works out Rotary movement.
In order to achieve the goal, S.A.A., Attendance Committee, Friendship Activities Committee, Classification Committee, and Membership Reinforcement Committee should not to be caught in habitual practices or custom, and they should pursue "Meaning of the regular meeting attendance" by reaffirming their role originally placed on them and by putting them in practice.
As for Service Activities, we are going to practice "Social Service Program" which was enforced in 2005 - 2006, and at the same time, we are to aim at sustainable service activities as "New Generation Promotion Program" as a main activity. Moreover, with international view, we are going to bring about wide approach to many issues such as contribution in community and environmental problems, and by so doing we will be able to "Share sensation of Service".
And, I would like to build up a requested rotary image, by promoting public relations activities so that our activities are understood correctly by the citizens.

"Review and activation of organization activity by CLP introduction
1. Expansion of positive programs by mutual cooperation with the help of five standing committees.
2. Promotion of enhanced regular meetings, friendship, and service activities with the notion of "Merrily", "Delightfully", "Vigorously".
3. Healthy finance by reducing redundant expenses in activity expense and clerical work management expense.
4. Promotion of public relations activities and efficient publication of weekly and monthly reports.(easy to see, easy to read)
5. For activation of the club, we should aim at increase the number of club members in search for suitable candidates with high quality for the club.
6. Main activities should be planned by service project committee, and they should be carried out with mutual cooperation with other committees.
(It is based on the idea of vocational service, community service, international service, club service, and youth development. )
7. To enhance consciousness of environmental problems. Especially, "Water maintenance"
8. Cooperation to community activities. (Foundation support and campaign for 100 dollars every year)
9. Cooperation to preparation of the 55th anniversary activities
10. To enhance attendance participation in all activities

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