Rotary Club of Kyoto South 2023-2024 Basic Policy

Be Resilient
Grow with a Flexible Mind

The Rotary Club of Kyoto South will celebrate its 70th anniversary this year. I would like to make this memorable year a year of "refinement" and "reform". As times go by, Rotary has continuously seen changes and reforms before now. The pandemic, however, has drastically changed people’s lifestyles and their values more than ever. I believe that what our club needs in this rapidly changing era is the ability to "grow with a flexible mind," which is this year’s club theme.

We have a history of carefully preserving club traditions and prestige for 70 years. With this in my mind, I’d like to discern between what needs to be changed and what shouldn’t be changed. Let us take a deeper look at the club administration and properly sort out matters that are questionable, so that we can "grow with a flexible mind” as a club.

The theme for our 70th anniversary is "Let's celebrate our 70th anniversary with the whole club together.” Let us all acknowledge, without leaving anyone behind, the honor of being members of Kyoto South Rotary Club.

Our club is such a warm club that nurtures and guides people. I believe this warm atmosphere is what we call the southern wind. I once didn’t even know which path to take. After 27 years of being fostered in this club, I’ve grown to be a figure who now serves as a club president. This is proof of how nurturing this club is.

I hope that all members are proud to be members of the Kyoto South Rotary Club and that you will act with ambition. To club directors, officers, committee chairs, district committee members and leaders, please strive to guide and support future leaders. Such efforts will nourish our club and contribute to creating an even more delightful club. I look forward to working with you all.