Rotary Club of Kyoto South 2020-2021 Basic Policy

Cherish the “WA” among people

On March 11, 1954 Rotary Club of Kyoto South was founded as the 121st Rotary club in Japan. Sponsored by Rotary Club of Kyoto, we are the first additional club within Kyoto city, and this Rotary year we celebrate our 67th anniversary.

The club started with 35 charter members. The average age of our members was 46, which was said to be the youngest in the country at that time. I think we can say that the unique, liberal atmosphere of our club, that we call the “Southern Wind”, originates from this younger membership.

In 67 years, we have become the third largest club in Japan, with a current membership of 250. A major factor of this growth is none other than the tireless efforts of our senior members, but I also think that the fact that we have a great number of consecutive business owners and community-based business owners has played a big role as well.

In addition, the “Southern Wind”, or “cheerful and liberal atmosphere of our club”, has contributed to the membership increase.

During the 67 years of the club’s history, generation change as well as membership growth brought numerous reforms to Kyoto South Rotary Club, which led us to today’s brilliant community.

Those reforms have always complied with Rotary philosophy and were based on the “Southern Wind” principles.

That is, conducting reform in accordance with the present time is the tradition of Kyoto South Rotary Club, and it is the only way to insure the future of our club.

While thoughts and actions of individual members have contributed to establishing our club’s tradition and formality, it is also true that our actions could cause these values to degrade. Even so, if we don’t do anything, we cannot make worthwhile changes.

Our Club is for the members, our members are for the Club. I’d like to see our members share their ambition and work together, bringing out wisdom, courage and passion, so we can enrich the quality of our cheerful Kyoto South Rotary Club.

I also think that it is essential for us to review our club’s administration of weekly meetings, board meetings and assemblies. It is time for us to think about how we can continue running the club effectively as our membership grows in the future. We need to formulate a management style that best suits Kyoto South Rotary Club, in compliance with Rotary Philosophy and today’s society.

Finally, I believe that members, along with board directors, officers, and committee chairs, should take part in the club with more focus on this new style.